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Our Little Ballerina

September 18, 2013

Special Delivery from Nana and Nanu

September 17, 2013

This afternoon I picked up the kids from school because Becky had an evening full of parent/teacher conferences.   When we arrived home I checked the mail box and discovered two manilla envelops covered in stickers and addressed to the kids. Getting mail is a big deal and they excitedly carried the two packages into the kitchen.  With a little help they tore them open to discover a t-shirt sent to them by their Nana and Nanu in New Hampshire.

The t-shirts were from Weirs Beach, a tourist attraction in the Lakes Region.  Miss Julia got a pink one while Mason got a blue one.  Julia loved her new pink shirt and stripped down in the kitchen so she could wear it around the house.  She loved it so much she ended up sleeping in it.  Mason on the other hand thanked Nana on the phone and then carefully placed it on a hanger so I could put it in his closet.

RIP Apple Juicy

September 16, 2013

Tonight I was making pickled okra for a friend.  I forget my cutting board at the house and drove back to pick it up.  When I pulled in front of the house I saw Apple Juicy lying in the middle of the road.  This was very odd, because he usually lies on the side to sun himself.  I walked over and noticed his black and white fur was surrounded by a pool of blood. Someone had hit him.  His eyes were lifeless and mine welled up with tears.

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Florida State vs. Nevada

September 14, 2013

At the game.

Today Florida State opened their home schedule against Nevada.  I brought Mason, and together we met Joe and Bennett at their house before heading down to Lot 14 for some tailgating fun.  We decided to do a New Orleans inspired menu complete with a muffaletta, Zapp’s chips, bread pudding and Pimm’s Cups.  While Mason and Bennett played football we relaxed and visited with our fellow Nole fans.

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New Legos

September 11, 2013

Photos 2247

Making Icebox Cake

September 9, 2013

Growing up I remember my mom making it with graham crackers and pudding, two of the kids favorite things.  Tonight after dinner I whipped up an icebox cake.  The little people helped me mix the pudding, layer the crackers, and clean the bowls.  Of the three, I think they enjoyed the last item the most. Below is the recipe for one of the easiest desserts I know:

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Dressed for Success

September 7, 2013

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Mason has been asking to play baseball all week.  Our lawn was severely overgrown (after growing like the weed it is) this past week.  This morning I got up at 7 o’clock to mow our field and get it into tip top baseball shape.  As soon as the mower turned off Mason bounded out of the house in his “uniform.” Stripped pajama pants, sneakers, 3-D glasses from Planes and an Atlanta Braves cap completed his look.  He was adorable and after I grabbed a glass of water we played baseball.  He was thrilled.


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